Sports & Extra Curriculum

Sport Tournament Organized jointly by CDG and


The sport tournament is held at the second week of Mangsir according to Nepalese calendar. The tournament is conducted mainly to expand activities on the occasion of the Anniversary of CDG. All the running batches of students and alumni as well as faculty members and staffs of the CDG participate in the tournaments (Plates 8, 9 and 10).

  • Interfaculty Sport Tournament

This tournament is organized every year by TU Student Union as a part of the extra-curricular activities.


  • Welcome and Farewell

Welcome and Farewell organized for both new comers and outgoing students, and is jointly organized by CDG and NGSS. This program is helpful in introducing among students, students and faculty and staff members, and in sharing experiences of the outgoing students to the new comers.

  • Anniversary of Central Department of Geology

The anniversary of the CDG is celeberated on Mangsir 29th of each year by organizing various activities including sports. During the anniversary, the department invites guests from TU central office and other organizations (Plates 11 and 12), and highlights its development and achievements as well as other issues (Plates 11 and 13). The program also includes distribution of prizes to the winners of sport tournament, falicitation to CDG’s staffs. The program ends with refreshing tea.