Call for proposal of dissertation

CDG announces calling for submission of proposal for M.Sc. dissertation.


Selection of thesis title and Supervisor

Students are encouraged to select the title of dissertations and write proposals by themselves. They may, however, make discussions with their teachers or supervisors to finalize titles and write down the proposals.

Note: According to the provision of the CDG, students can have their supervisors from the department of geology or other organization but there should be at least one of the supervisors from the CDG, when they select supervisors other than the CDG.


Submission of application form and proposal

Each student should fill up an application form as shown to the submission of the proposal. The application form is given in Form 1. This form will be kept by CDG for the records of students during dissertation.

Students are required to submit their proposals to CDG. During proposal writing, students should focus on the following sections:

  • Title
  • Background incorporating review of previous studies and achievements
  • Objectives
  • Limitations
  • Methodology
  • Expected outcomes
  • References

The proposal will be evaluated by the SCCDG and there will be presentations of proposals by individual students. More shortly, dissertation is part of the curriculum, and it carries certain marks, which will be evaluated after final presentation of the thesis. The process of involving with research work begins with calling for submission of application forms and proposals from students, by the department, and submission of proposals by students, presentation of proposals by student.