Entrance Examination

The Entrance Examination is the must for all the candidates to meet admission criterion of the CDG. The date of the Entrance Examination will be noticed or published by Tribhuvan University. Candidates will have to fill up forms and deposit Entrance Examination fees to the designated bank, and submit the forms and bank vouchers to the CDG office in Kirtipur. There will be Entrance Examination of two-hours duration which will be held in the CDG.

Guideline for Entrance Examination - MSc in Geology


Selection criteria

Selection will be based only on the entrance exam.

Curriculum for entrance examination

Students need to refer BSc Geology course of Tribhuvan University as main course for Entrance Examination. Only objective questions will be asked. 

Group A (20%) [No. of Questions 20]

  •  Mineralogy 
  • Crystallography
  • . Sedimentology


Group B (20%) [No. of Questions 20]

  •  Petrology
  •  Geochemistry


Group C (20%) [No. of Questions 20]

  • Paleontology
  • Historical Geology
  • Stratigraphy and Geology of Nepal


Group D (20%) [No. of Questions 20]

  •  Structural Geology and Engineering Geology
  • .Geophysics and and Hydrogeology


Group E (20%) [No. of Questions 20]

  • .Geology of Economic Mineral Deposits
  • Mining Geology and Exploration Geology

Pdf file of BSc Geology course is available to download. To download detailed course content of BSc Geology click here--->